Friday, January 19, 2007

Ever since I learned how to read, I have maintained a love of reading. Sometimes I didn't read as much as I could have, or I put down my beloved books for another pastime, but time and time again, I always returned to reading. For me, books are my escape from reality. I may not be able to remember all of the books that I have read, but I can remember the ones that are important to me. I remember the first book I ever checked out from the library by myself. It was an ABC book filled with beautiful drawings of animals. To this day, I can't remember the title, but I can see those pictures. When I was in third or fourth grade, I began my love affair with Little Women. I checked that book out so many times from our little school library. I remember that it was an old blue book with a worn cover. I remember how I would take an old sheet with the Popples dancing across it and tie it around my waist so that I could be like the March sisters and curl up in my family's old brown recliner to read the book, and as soon as I was through reading, off would come the sheet. Now, whenever I pick up my copy of the book, I remember those times. I remember the first time I read LOTR - afterwards, when I'd go to bed, I'd dream of what would happen next, never knowing that what Tolkien wrote would exceed my wildest expectations. I remember the first time I picked up Pride and Prejudice to read - I couldn't get into the book after the first few chapters, so I set the book aside for another. Now, I list that book as one of my all time favorites. There are so many other memories that I can reawaken just by flipping through the pages of my beloved books. When I went away to college three years ago, I made sure to bring a couple of my books. Since that time, my dorm room shelves have never been without one of my books. I mentioned to my dad the other day that I think I was addicted to buying books, and he told me that I've always been addicted to books. What's funny is that I don't remember learning how to read, and I don't remember my first book - all I remember is that for as long as I can imagine, I've had a love affair with books.

Hopefully, with this blog, I can share some of the books I've read, whether it be through reviews or just talking about them. But, no matter what I do, my love of books shall always be an affair to remember.

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